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Cisco backs presentation on VoIP hacking techniques

Cisco is coming out in support of an upcoming presentation on hacking techniques for VoIP systems.

Security testing firm HackLabs is planning to hold one-day tutorial on security testing for VoIP systems, which will include sections discussing Cisco’s comms platforms. The tutorial will take place on 19 May at the AusCERT security conference.

News of the session initially led to speculation that researchers would disclose zero-day security flaws in Cisco’s VoIP systems, but a Cisco spokesperson told V3.co.uk that the company does not believe any new flaws will be reported.

“We have spoken with the conference organisers and presenters ahead of the upcoming AusCERT 2011 tutorial on VoIP Security Testing,” the spokesperson said. “They have confirmed that no new security vulnerabilities will be revealed.”

The spokesperson pointed to Cisco’s history of working with researchers, and said that, in this case, it supports the aim of the HackLabs tutorial.

“We understand the presentation will reference the importance of securing IP phones in line with the manufacturer’s installation and configuration recommendations,” the spokesperson said. “We support this message and recommend it as a best practice for our customers.”

Cisco is best known for its network infrastructure and enterprise hardware platforms, but the company has long been involved in cyber security initiatives and research operations.

Cisco introduced a software architecture at this year’s RSA conference designed to support reputation-based security measures, and gave an overview of the notorious Zeus malware at the 2010 RSA show.



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